About the Task Force

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Assessing Teaching Effectiveness:

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign works to provide an excellent education to its students. Just as scholars review one another’s research to make the work stronger, teaching evaluation serves many important functions for advancing the quality of education at Illinois. A robust and unbiased system of teaching evaluation helps all instructors to hone their craft and keep their work up to date; guides hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions; and informs merit raises and awards that recognize excellence in teaching.

Recent innovations at other institutions and research both show opportunities to improve how we evaluate teaching at Illinois. Many different types of professionals make important contributions to teaching at Illinois, such as tenure-track faculty, non-tenure-track faculty, academic professionals, and graduate employees; our system of teaching evaluation can work to support all teaching professionals on campus. We can make teaching better, have more streamlined teaching evaluation processes, and support personnel functions that are more efficient and equitable.

Task force members:

  • Timothy Bretl, (Aerospace Engineering, Grainger)
  • Tara Earls Larrison, (School of Social Work)
  • Karle Flanagan, (Statistics, LAS)
  • Kim Graber, (Kinesiology and Community Health, AHS)
  • David Hays, (Landscape Architecture, FAA)
  • Angela Kent, (NRES, ACES)
  • Denise Loyd, (Business Administration, Gies)
  • Shachar Meron, (Advertising, Media)
  • Karla Moller, (Curriculum & Instruction, EDUC)
  • Michelle Nelson, (Advertising, Media)
  • Steve Petruzzello, (Kinesiology and Community Health, AHS)
  • Robert Rushing, (French and Italian, LAS)
  • Sharon Shavitt, (Business Administration, Gies)
  • Timothy Stelzer, (Physics, Grainger)
  • Maryalice Wu, (CITL)
  • Ann Yeung, (School of Music, FAA)
  • James Yoon, (Linguistics, LAS)
  • Chair: Amy W. Ando, (Agricultural and Consumer Economics, ACES)


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